Yorkville Hi-Rollr

From the Yorkville Cellars Website

Boontling – An American Lingo…  Hi-Rollr is a term coined in about 1890 by speakers of Boontling, (the name is a combination of “Boonville,” our nearest town about 10 miles away and “lingo”) spoken by residents of Mendocino’s Anderson Valley. It refers to the folks living in the hills of Yorkville, who apparently would roll up the pant legs of their overalls while crossing muddy streams and then forget to roll them back down before arriving at the bustling town of Boonville for the Saturday night supper and shindig. Locals pointed and laughed and the name stuck.

Boontling briefly enjoyed a national audience in the mid- 1970s when a local speaker was a guest on the Johnny Carson Show. Because Boontling is a spoken language, rather than a written one, spellings of words vary greatly.


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