Yamamoto Honke

Yamamoto Honke has been producing sake in Kyoto since 1667. The brewery’s founder, Genbee Yamamoto had a vision for the sake of Kyoto, and now the 11th generation continues his mission. Truly an urban brewery, Yamamoto Honke is located in the heart of Kyoto and
sources its spring water from the surrounding mountain side. Known for its especially soft and rich character, this water is known as “Shiragikui” or “white chrysanthemum water.”

Centuries ago, the brewery used the Takase and Yodo Rivers to distribute their sake all through the flourishing Osaka region. As trains and automobiles became prevalent, distribution grew to the Tokyo area. Today, Yamamoto Honke is an institution of Kyoto also
owning a group of restaurants, offering tours and even allowing guests to potter their own sake cups. They are known for their classic Junmai sake, soft and fruity Ginjo sake, and their delicious Yuzu liqueur – a Japanese-style “limoncello.” Yamamoto website

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