Tequila Independencia 1810

Named after the most important historic event in Mexico and inspired by the Mexican Founding
Fathers, INDEPENDENCIA 1810 revives a lost feeling for Mexican heritage intended for
everyone willing to try the authentic taste of Mexican tradition.
Tequila INDEPENDENCIA 1810, previously known as Tequila 1810, emerged in 1997 as a
distinguished premium tequila brand however this mezcal wine factory (distillery) founded by Eucario Gonzalez in 1890, is one of the oldest in town, it has even been thought that was not that of the Marques de Altamira, it is possible that the tavers already exisit since ancient times . In 1912 it was a acquiered by Delfino Gonzalez . it was not until 2015 that, we added the  word INDEPENDENCIA to build a
stronger sense of roots of the Mexican heritage.
Moreover, Our Tequila is made in an old traditional distillery with our own plantations of best
agave, being as one of the best tequila manufacturers in Mexico with 80 years of experience.
Where we had the compromise to create the best traditional Tequila with a distinctive taste
from others, showing the best part of our heritage. Finally, this led to the founding of Tequila
INDEPENDENCIA 1810 using a process that recreates how tequila was made 200 years ago.
Is a family business owned and operated by Daniel´s Wine & Spirits base out in San Antonio,
Texas working along side Tequila INDEPENDENCIA 1810 from highlands of Jalisco, Mexico with
our own plantations of the finest quality Weber blue agave, which take a full 8 to 10 years to
mature to check the quality. One of the best Tequilas with a family traditional process. The
unique and beautiful handcrafted bottles and the label made by Mexican artisans in the small
town of Zapopan and Tonala, Jalisco, make Tequila INDEPENDENCIA 1810 a 100% authentic in
every way. We started the expansion thanks to the recommendation mouth to mouth, Our label is the commemoration of the Historic Monument of the Independence of Mexico from Spain on September 16, 1810. Called “Coulmna de la Independencia ” (Column of the Independence) located in the same place in Mexico City.

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