Bodegas Aragonesas

Bodegas Aragonesas is located in the small town of Fuendejalon, in the Spanish province of Aragon, for which it is named.  Situated in the upper Ebro River Valley, and on the slopes of the Sierra Moncayo Mountains, it is the largest winery in Campo de Borja DOP.  This is the ancestral home of Garnacha, where the extremely hot, dry climate and stark contrast between day and night time temperatures are ideal for cultivation of this late ripening variety.  Garnacha vineyards are noted in the agricultural records kept by Cistercian Monks of the nearby Veruela Monastery, dating back to 1145.  Today, the low yields of these century-old vines produce rich, concentrated wines with distinctive aromas and flavors.  At all levels, they are approachable, balanced, smooth and fruity.  At the same time, they are crafted with a sense of place and respect for the qualities that make Garnacha unique.   Visit the Marchetti website





Don Ramon

Vina Temprana

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