Domaine de la Bastide


Built on a Roman Villae, The Domaine de la Bastide is an old fortified Templar’s’ farm with more than a thousand years old known records. Partly destroyed during the French revolution, it has now come back to its original aim: wine making. The cellar was built in the late 70’s. Total capacity is more than 7500 hectolitres.

Fermentation is conducted in stainless steel vats of 200 hectolitres with controlled temperature. After fermentation the wine is drained into concrete vats coated with epoxy resins.

The vineyard is family owned and operated by the Boyer family.

The Domaine de la Bastide is located in the Rhône Valley, fifty kilometers north of Avignon, in a little village called Visan.

The vineyards are located in Visan and Suze-la-Rousse: most of them are on stony dry soils, typical of the South Rhône valley. Vineyard Website (French)



Domaine de la Bastide Blanc

Domaine de la Bastide Rose

Domaine de la Bastide Rouge